I built PhantomJS 2.1.1 for Raspberry Pi

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I built PhantomJS 2.1.1 for Raspberry Pi. It can also run on any armhf architecture machines.

I used Debian on ARM VPS on https://www.scaleway.com/ and follow this page to build it.

Please download from https://github.com/mecrazy/phantomjs-binaries.
( After my pull request allowed, I will edit the link on this blog to “https://github.com/avaynshtok/phantomjs-binaries”. )

I use Raspberry Pi as a testing machine for any server applications like web scraping. But there were no PhantomJS binaries for armhf architecture on the web. So I built it. Please use this binary, if you want. But I can not care any troubles and bugs when you use it.

< What is "PhantomJS"? >
PhantomJS is a web scraping tool with JavaScript API. It can capture web pages as PDF, PNG or some kind of picture file. If you want to know more about PhantomJS, please check http://phantomjs.org/.