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< I bought a frameset on AliExpress >
ICAN AERO 007 is not a new product, it was released in about 2016. But some specifications were updated until 2019. And many bloggers say it is a good frame. After deep research, I decided to buy it.

AERO 007 page on AliExpress ( aliexpress.com )
ICAN official page on Alibaba ( alibaba.com )
AERO 007 frameset on ICAN official web store ( icancycling.com )
AERO 007 full bike on ICAN official web store ( icancycling.com )

I bought it on AliExpress by $535 at February 2019.

< Specifications >
Frame material : Carbon ( Toray carbon T700 )
Frame weight : 1050g +/-30g
Type : Aero road frame
BB : BB86
Headset-top : 1-1/8 inch
Headset-down : 1-1/2 inch
O.L.D. front : 100mm
O.L.D. rear : 130mm
Fork material : Carbon
Fork weight : 380g +/-10g
Seat post material : Carbon
Seat post weight : 150g +/-10g

unit : mm

< My components >
Handlebar : PRO Vibe Alloy Compact Handlebar[ Amazon ] [ BIKE24 ]
Stem : Deda Zero 31.7 Stem – black on black (BOB) [ BIKE24 ]
BB : SHIMANO SM-BB92[ Amazon ] [ BIKE24 ]
Shifter : SHIMANO ST-5800[ Amazon ] [ BIKE24 ]
FC : SHIMANO FC-5800 ( 50-34T ) [ BIKE24 ]
FD : SHIMANO FD-R8000-F[ Amazon ] [ BIKE24 ]
RD : SHIMANO RD-R8000-SS[ Amazon ] [ BIKE24 ]
Cassette : SHIMANO CS-R7000 ( 11-28T ) [ Amazon ] [ BIKE24 ]
Break : SHIMANO BR-R7000[ Amazon ] [ BIKE24 ]
Pedals : SHIMANO PD-ES600[ Amazon ] [ BIKE24 ]
Wheelset : DT Swiss PR 1600 SPLINE 23[ BIKE24 ]
Tires : IRC FORMULA PRO TUBELESS RBCC ( 28C ) [ Amazon ]

< Compatibility >
If you mix any SHIMANO’s parts, you should check SHIMANO compatibility chart.
2018-2019 version 3.8 ( PDF )
Product information ( Online )
I carefully checked it to mix old 105 5800 with new 105 R7000 and Ultegra R8000. My SHIMANO’s components on this bike are officially compatible.

< Frameset appearance >
“ICAN” logos and orange paint looks not so bad for me. I put glass coating on it to keep away from small scratches.

< Special tool >
I bought magnet pickup tool like Stahlwille 12600-270g. ( It is not same as my tool. My tool is SRO-15 [Amazon.co.jp]. SRO-15 is only sold in Japan, but Stahlwille’s 12600-270g is similar product as SRO-15. ) It will help you to fit internal cable on the frame. The diameter of my tool is 4mm.

< Customize cassette CS-R7000 11-28T to 12-28T >
I bought Shimano’s small parts below to make a bit more close-ratio cassette.
12T : Y1PJ12100
13T : Y1PJ13100
16T : Y1PJ16000
17T : Y1PJ17200
Remove 11T, 12T, 13T, 17T from CS-R7000 11-28T, then insert new gears above.
You can order them at real bike shops in the world. Please tell the model numbers. Maybe it is easy to buy them online only in Japan.
( It is also a practicable way for CS-5800. )

< How is this bike? >
The review below is after I rode this bike over 2,000 km.
This frameset is really hard and not so light. It is difficult to break. It also means this bike efficiently convert leg power into propulsion. But I felt “PRO Vibe Alloy Compact Handlebar” is too hard for long ride. It damaged my hands and arms when I rode over 200km. I will buy a carbon handlebar to replace it. This frameset is very hard, so I should assemble soft or endurance parts. My wheelset and tires are a bit heavy for climbing. But they have high stability on down hill. On riding the bike, I felt nothing bad about the frameset. Bad points are basically depend on the other parts. Considering everything, ICAN AERO 007 is really good frameset. If you are thinking about this frameset, I highly recommend you to buy it.