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High-quality sound earphones are not expensive.

This post is not about computers. Today I write about earphones.

< I stopped to use expensive earphones. >
A wire of earphone is break in the future. We can’t escape from it. But I have bought expensive earphones to listen to music in high-quality sound. It gave me good sound, but when it break I’m so sad….so sad. I really wanted cheap high-quality sound earphones. I checked many web sites and got good solution for it. My solution is using Panasonic earphones with SONY ear-piece.

< SONY ear-piece >
SONY ear-piece EP-EX11 series are able to connect to some of Panasonic earphones. You can buy EP-EX11 on Rakuten Global Market or you can search any shops on the internet. Size variations are SS, S, M, L and LL. Color variations are black and white.

< Panasonic earphones >
Some models of Panasonic earphones are fit with SONY EP-EX11. I tried RP-HJE120, RP-HJE150, RP-HJS150 and RP-TCM19. These are all possible to connect with SONY’s ear-piece.

< RP-HJE120 >
Its wire is 110 cm.
Amazon.com – RP-HJE120

< RP-HJE150 >
Its wire is 120 cm.
Amazon.com – RP-HJE150

< RP-HJS150 >
It’s short wire version. Its wire is 60 cm.
Amazon.com – RP-HJS150

< RP-TCM19 >
This earphone is with remote control and microphone for smartphone. Please be careful not to break, because this model’s wire is thin.
Amazon.com – RP-TCM19

< Put EP-EX11 on Panasonic earphones >
It’s RP-HJE150 without ear-pieces.

I turned over EP-EX11 to make easier to put them on earphones.

I insert earphones forcibly to ear-pieces.